November 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

The last clematis.

We don't know what this shrub is. Very fragrant, though.

Dwarf maple.
Hi furriends,  Prancer Pie here. Mom finally got off her bum and took pics of the very last flowers. We probably will haf had a freeze by the time this posts. Those of you who follow us know we had severe drought this summer. Most of our plants, even though watered, went dormant. Thankfully,  the last few weeks haf brought us lots of good rainfall. (We all know what rainy days are good fur: SLEEPIN!) Happy Thursday and purrs ya'll!


  1. Prancer, Your flowers are so pretty and lovely : )
    Thanks for the good rain.
    and Sleepin Sound Purrfect..Enjoy : )

  2. I'm glad you finally got some rain (I bet the plants were glad too!).

  3. Rain makes for the very best naps ever. Oh, and I laffed and laffed at Princeton inna backpack! Ha ha ha!

  4. All that rain will be good for the plants again. Definitely getting colder here and plants are starting to hide again. Rainy days are best spent snoozing in the warm. Enjoy your day :)xx

  5. We got some good rain last night, though none of the bad storms they said we would, thankfully. Oh, and by the way- awesome backpack pix!!

  6. Your flowers are pretty - they seem to have thrived even though you have had a drought. We have a drought here in Eastern England and the East Midlands - so we are being warned to expect some restrictions if it doesn't rain soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Those are pretty flowers. It's good your rains are back. Just thinking of rain is making me sleepy.

  8. Such lovely flowers! We can hardly believe it's now time for winter, but all the trees are losing their leaves and going dormant. Soon it will be time to put all of our outdoor plants in our green house for save keeping.

  9. The last of your flowers are pretty. It is still mild here so some of our flowers are still blooming and some of the roses have new buds, but the frosts will probably come before they have chance to open.