November 28, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday - Pee Queen

Well, here we are on Tuesday again wif me, Precious. I've enjoyed quite a run this last week. I am most displeased wif my family. I'm also displeased wif my hateful toys, the furniture, the food, and the weather. So as an outlet, I haf decided to express myself through art. Pee art, that is. Mommy is NOT proud of my accomplishments. Mebbe she'd rather me shred sumthing of hers. MOL! 

Mommy says to ask fur purrs fur Princeton. It's time fur his "family jewels" to be removed today.  She will be home all day wif us Wednesday, so I can't be mean to him  he can recuperate quietly. Well, gotta go terrorize sumbody. See you kittehz later! Remember: Tuxies Rule!


  1. Precious, knowing you, this is probably all about stress, but have you had a vet check up lately? Even if you get a clean bill of health, maybe the vet will have some suggestions on how to make you feel less stressed, and not feel like you have to pee places that humans deem "inappropriate."

  2. Hateful toys, Precious? Give them away then. WE love toys of all kinds. Or do you just not have good ones? We love rattley mousies best, but we discovered electric squeeky mousies months ago and those are FABULOUS. They are at Petsmart and Pepco.

    Another idea is doggie toys. Don't snarl, we got a good one. Its a duck that honks when squeezed. We don't like the "honk" much, but when TBT flaps its wings bove us, we get real ecited!!!

    Tell Princeton not ta be worried about his "jewels". I don't miss mine at all, and in fact from what I read, they can be a real annoyance. Marley

    And Skeeter told TBT the same thing. According to TBT...

  3. Awwww Precious I bet your pee art is very good but you know, to make it a priceless exhibition you must only do a few. Then they become sort after works of art :) We will be purring for Princeton today and look forward to hearing how he got on. Maybe you got a couple of new little toys coming your way giggle :)xx

  4. Thank you for visiting our blog! We are very excited to meet you. We have many boxes right now to share with you because we just move. We think the people should just leave the boxes around forever for us!

  5. Purrs for Princeton, we hope it all goes smoothly and he's home again soon. It's a quick snip, snip!

    Maybe your mom could check with Cheri at Cats of the Wildcat Woods for a homeopathic remedy for stress (or aggression, etc.). Cheri uses a homeopathic vet (as well as regular vet care) and knows a lot.

    Or maybe one of those calming collars would help--others around the CB have had good luck with them. Our mom's used Feliway but hasn't noticed any results--plus it's very expensive.

  6. We are purring for Princeton. Precious please try and relax so your mom doesn't have to keep mopping up pee/
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Precious darling...a little pee art goes a very long way but maybe you need a check up to see if you have a UTI. xoxoxox

  8. And Princeton has my purrs...very much so. Precious, let us know how he is tomorrow?

  9. Dear friends,
    I love your layout, your blog is so adorable in Christmas mood!
    Hey I have an idea, you could play together in our dreams! Cool, isn't it?
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  10. Hi Precious..maybe once Princeton is de-jeweled you will no longer feel a need to be Pee Queen
    Hugs to Princeton when he comes home

  11. Hey Princeton! I got mine done Friday before last and I was right as rain the next day. Hope it's the same for you, Buddy!


  12. Awwww we feelz bad fur poor Princeton :((((((
    Two yearz ago,,, jus before Christmas,,, Larry had Snip,Snip ..... it waz Terrible!! da mom went around singing ... Deck the Hallz with Larry'z B---z fa la la la la la la la la ^..^ Dat was SOOOOO Mean !! Hope poor Princeton iz ok ^..^
    And Yes, We are Big Supporter of Pee Art ~
    Purrz Sweetie ~

  13. Oh! Oh! Pee art is not liked by pawrents. Me sometimes does it when me is MAD at Mommy and Daddy. And Princeton, it is much easier for yous guys than us ladies.

  14. Darling! You are a ladycat after my own heart! Sometimes efurrything here is just hateful hateful hateful and it all displeases Kitteh something fierce. But then I get my favrit dinner and some good brusheez and the world rights itself again--for awhile.

    Purrs for your annoying little Brofur!

  15. Good luck with Princeton's de-jeweling. I remember when our Princeton got his manhood taken away, but he loves the girlies now and they like he doesn't wanna breed them! Be nice to your little brother when he's recovering, Precious!