November 20, 2011

Mancats on Monday

Me, wif high-beam lasers.
Princeton re-chargin his batteries.
Hey furriends, it's the beginning of anudder week. A soggy one here. We kittehz are gettin geared-up fur sum turkey or ham (licks lips) later this week. The Mom has a busy week, too. We wuz wonderin, it bein our first on the CB and all, what does efurrybody do on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Does efurrybody post early, not post or what? We might not get around to it, but we've nefur missed a day since we started blogging, so.... we hate to. Let us know, furriends. Also the little rugrat (Princeton) got into sum pretty big trubble yesterday. He let himself into the gas fireplace. (no, it wasn't turned on, thank cod) He, got completely covered in soot, though. The Mom is not happy wif him. I thought it was pretty funny. Happy Monday and purrs, ya'll.

Hahameow! He's not so innocent now!
Pee Ess - we is sorry we haven't visited much, but the ever-troublesum Blogger was bein a beast, again!


  1. We will try to post on Fanksgiving! Spitty says: We think you should try to keep your streak going--don't let your Human avoid her blogging responsibilities!

    The Human says: I think a lot of people prepare some kind of post in advance and put it up on a holiday. The reality is some post, some don't. We'd all love to see what Princeton does with your turkey, though, LOL!

  2. My human and her boyfriend don't do any really huge family things during the holidays, so I don't have to do a lot of planning ahead. It's more the times when my human leaves town for conferences or other things that I need to time my posts.

  3. We don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK but if turkey is involved we think we should. We will try to post on Christmas day whilst the turkey is a-roasting. Oh no, what an adventure, were you going to see if you could spot Santa coming down the chimberly hee he :)xx

  4. Princeton,You are pretty cheeky...MOL

  5. Oh Princeton! That looks like something Wally would do!! Haha! Good thing the fire wasn't going!!

    We post on Thanksgiving and Christmas...usually like always.

  6. You can post whenever you want, if you want. :-) It's called blogging without obligation. There are no rules here.

    Our Thanksgiving (Canada) was in October, so we hope you all have a wonderful turkey (or ham) day!

  7. Please dont worry about blogging or posting as we all know about busy. My mum is the worst for appologising when cant post but she should not because as Fuzzy tails said its fun and should be so. I couldnt help laughing at the fireplace and soot thing but glad the fire was not on..Hugs GJ x

  8. HAH! This kitty doesn't follow any rules. I blog whenever something strikes my fancy. TW tries to keep me out of the furnace room but sometimes I get in. Oh, the cat that came before me, Nicky, used to play with his turds.

  9. Me has to laughs! OPrinceton coming out of the fireplace. That was my favorite spot in the condo. Then me would walk all over the carpet with my dirty toes!
    Have a great Monday!

  10. Did Princeton leave little black paw prints when he came out of the fireplace?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. We like to post on holidays but we don't usually get around to visit a lot...although we do love to lurk and read!
    Princeton, we are wondering--did you get a bath?

  12. Princeton
    Like you we try to have a post everyday. But sometimes Mom posts ahead of time (schedules posts), because on Holidays she usually doesn't have the chance to get online.


  13. We generally wish kitties and woofies and humans a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year. Princeton...I have to say that's funny. BUT: YOu are SOOOOO lucky it wasn't on. Don't do that!

  14. We post late on Thanksgiving and set up a post for Christmouse in advance. But if you are busy, don't worry about it. Take a day off and relax and cellybrate.

  15. Laser eyes and sooty cats!! hahaha
    You are cool Prancer. Princeton, well, he is full of mischief ;)
    It's OK to blog on holidays. THat way you can wish everyone a happy day!! We already had our Thanksgiving, but that is no reason for us to not have turkey or chicken ;) heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  16. FaRADaY: oh Princeton wuz just getting ready for his latest Undercover Investigation (SOOT: Great Disguise for Kittehs!) ...right Mr P?

  17. When we go away for holidays we don't post anymore, cos mum needs a break. You can do whatever you want though, no one minds.

    Julie and Poppy Q