July 13, 2011

First Award!

Hello, furriends, Prancer here. I just got my first award! Baby Patches was kind enuff to send it to me! So here we go:

1. I only drink water from a cup on the side of our kitchen sink.

2.I luv crunchy! Cookies, chips (nacho cheese chips are my fave), crackers, etc.

3. My fave snoozin spot is on my mommy's chest.

4. I'm very healthy, so it was a surprise when 6 weeks ago i got an infected anal gland. Furriends, it was bad. Two visits to the V-E-T later, it was healed.

5. Mommy "baby talks" me and i LUV it! I roll around fur her and "talk" back!

6.My nicknames: Prancer Pie Pie and The Little Man.

7. I got stung on the nose by a scorpion one time. That was terrible!

8.The V-E-T wants me to lose 2 lbs!

9. I'm allowed on the countertops and pretty much wherever i want. (cuz i'm the little man)

10.I luv to sleep in the clean towels, and mommy lets me.

11.I don't travel in the PTU, cuz it makes me sick. My mommy has to hold me so i don't get too upset.

12. I'm not much on lookin out the windows or outside. Life was not good to me out there. My life is on the inside - that's where mom is.

13. I'm super easy-going. I don't fuss with anyone.

14.I like to roll in the dirt my daddy tracks in on his shoes.

15. I  like fur mommy to scratch between my toes. It feels good.

So there you go! We don't know yet who has this award already, so pick this up if you want cuz efurrybody we know has a great blog!  Purrs, ya'll.


  1. PPie, Lose TWO pounds? As if! You're just purrfect! I love that you like to be scratched between your toes. I myself do not really allow the Human to touch my paws in any way. Does it REALLY feel good??

  2. Concatulations on your award, Prancer! I'm so glad you got picked - it gave me a chance to learn new stuff about you!

  3. Congrats on the award, Prancer! We are in awe of the fact that you were stung by a scorpion!!!

    The Chans

  4. Hi Prancer and congrats on your first well deserved award.
    We enjoyed reading all the factoids about you too. OMC my vet told me I could stand to shed a pound or two also.
    Hugs Madi

  5. Kizzie says: Congratulations on your award. Glad we don't get scorpions in our country, although mummy and little bean are "Scorpios" (whatever that means).

  6. Congrats on the wonderful award and I loved reading about you! OUCHY to #7 though!

  7. Äiti says you are a great big softie, and we think you are a brave mancat. We hope you won the fight with the scorpion. And we hope your anal glands never get infected again - ouchie!

  8. Great to get to know you better! Those were great, but keep watching out for those scorps!

  9. Thanks for telling us more stuff about you! Harley and I get to walk around on the counters too. It's good up there!

  10. *ouch* A scorpion!
    We love the inside too and don't want to go out at all.


  11. Congrats on that award!!!!!!!!!!
    We liked learning those 15 facts about you too!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  12. Congratulations! We so happy for you! We like getting to know you better. You are one very interesting and neat cat! We like getting on the counters too. We so glad you gots such a good, happy home. You just purrfect happy spoiled.

  13. That was fun to learn more about you! Mr. Prancer, I don't get infected anal glands, but mine become impacted and the vet has to express them. It's not much fun, but I feel better afterwards. I hope your bum stays healthy!!

    We got lots of rain a couple of days ago, and now it's a SAUNA! We hope you got the rain you needed, too.

    Love, Fuzzy

  14. Congrats on the awardie! They are so fun to get. We loved learning those neat things about you!

  15. Congrats on your award folks! Awesome! Prancer, you are one cool dude, we loved learning theese interesting facts about you.