July 31, 2011

Mancat Monday and Award

My shy look.

 Hello furriends! Happy Monday! We got an award from Mr Puddy and I decided to share it with my sisfurs.  You are supposed to tell 7 unknown things about yourself and pass on to 15 bloggers. Whew!

1.  Precious is the only kitteh in the house wif all her claws. Mom doesn't declaw cats.

2.  Princess has a bitey problem towards mom. Thank goodness she doesn't bite hard.

3.  I, Prancer,  haf twisty claws (front feet only) due to declawment gone wrong.  ( not painful)

4.  Precious has a cube to play in and the beans call it her "confessional". MOL!

5.  Princess belonged to the daughter bean, she went to college, now Princess  is mom's cat.

6.  I like for mommy to scratch under my chin and kiss my head at the same time. I lean back fur it ofur and ofur.

7.  We get 4 small meals a day, cuz Princess is a senior cat who has to eat this way. It's a pretty good setup if you ask me!

We'd like to pass this to:

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If you already haf the award, don't worry bout it. Cuz that's how us kittehz roll. Purrs, ya'll.


  1. Thanks for this nice award, Prancer Pie. I don't know if I can think of any "irresistably sweet" things about myself but I'll work on it, MOL!

    I have only recently begun to allow my Human to kiss my little head. I don't really love it but it seems to make her happy. And she does come through with the good noms, so I guess I can tolerate it. Say, maybe that can be one of my seven things!

  2. I like no # 6, I wish one day I can see the photo or video of this two in one service ( Massage chin and kiss your head at the same time )

    Thanks for sharing you all unknown facts, You are so quick !
    Have a great day to you all

  3. Concatulations on the award! It's sad that the humans who had you and Princess before your real family came along declawed you, Prancer. Too many humans are ignorant about this terrible surgery!

  4. Congratz on your award! Sorry we haven't posted lately, our woofie, ICE had 2 seizures in 2 1/2 weeks so he had to keep getting his meds changed and his blood tested. Mommy went to Borders and found a book on woofie seizures and one about furkid meds.
    We are so glad our Mommy doesn't believe in declawing=^Y^=

  5. Gosh...no claws? When I think of all the things we do with our claws and to think of not having them?? No. Can't do that. Kitties and claws is a package...if you don't like kitty with the claws, don't get the kitty - that's what I say and I think Tiny seconds me on that. Would they declaw a dog? Would they un-hoof a horse? Would they declaw a bird? Would those humans take off their whole fingernails? Would they? I think not. Well, We are glad that your humans love you and take care of you and keep you safe because minus those claws, you need protection from the outside world! We love learning all those things about you and we hope that Princess gets over her bitey problem with your Mom (does she do it because she misses her real Mom?). We are both senior cats and we get the multi-meal deal too...but we kinda push the limits and try to get Mom to give us food every time she walks by our dish which can be way more than 4 times a day...hehehehe!! Purrs to you all and we'll see if we can do this...thanks for thinking of us!! Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood the dawg

  6. Concats on the award!

    We, too, think it's terrible that your previous humans, in their ignorance, had you declawed. It's like cutting off a human's fingers at the first knuckle -- it's mutilation. Purrsonally, it should be banned, but too many vets in North America are quick to do offer it. Ugh.

  7. Prancer you are one fine looking mancat on mancat Monday!! Congrats on the very very well deserved award and thank you for sharing.

    The first family kitty belonged to my sissy too but he became Mom's kitty when sissy went off to college too.
    Hugs madi

  8. We are sorry about the declawing, Prancer! All of us have claws except Bella, who was declawed by her previous owner too. She does like to put the bitey on things too, but we think that`s because she doesn`t have any claws!

    Congratulations on your award!

  9. Congrats on the very nice award, and y'all really are sweet!

  10. Thank you, Prancer! You truly deserve the award, you are one sweet, sweetheart! We are so excited! Thank you! And, we love that "confessional" and we think those four meals a day are a pretty cool deal too!

    Thank you again for sharing your award with us! We are honoured :-)

  11. Congrats on the award, you do have a sweet blog and I enjoy reading it! Chin scratches are famous, I wonder why? Maybe it's a difficult place to scratch just right on yourself?

  12. Concats on your award, and thanks for sharing it wif me! I will post my facts furry soon!

    I am sorry that you gotted declawed. My mama doesn't believe in it eifur.

  13. Concats on the award and we love to learn more about our furfriends!

  14. I loves learning more about you kittehs! I will try to post my facts soon, sweet Prancer Pie. Did I tell you that mommy and I love your name??

  15. Congrats on your award! We enjoyed learning more about all of you. And Prancer, we're sorry about your bad declawment. We're glad it doesn't hurt.

  16. Prancer that shy look must give you a lot of the chin scritches and head kisses as it is too sweet to resist.

  17. Congrats on your award, you folks sure are sweet over here! I didn't know you gave it to me...thanks so much!