July 4, 2011

Takin It Easy



Hello furriends, Prancer here with the sisfurs. We had a big day on the 4th. As you can see, we are all laid out recovering. The sister bean came home. Dad grilled, and we got chick-hen! Later, we all hid out for the boomies.  We might well be recovering this time tomorrow! We still have the hots and starting to haf lots of fires. Purray for rain, furriends! Purrs, ya'll.


  1. Prancer, we finally got some rain yesterday after 5 months! You three look totally bushed...hiding under the bed is hard work.

  2. WE bees prayin for rain! We thougt we gonna gets some this afternoon but it fizzle out before it gets to us :-/

    You rest up. We still gots bangs and booms here so we typin from under the bed. Tomorrow its gonna be nothin but naps!

    Its good to sees alls you :-)
    Hugs & nosebumps

  3. Hooray ! for your rain...That will cold you down !!!
    I have a bad weather too, Here is Winter but Windy and Rain..I didn't go outside much for 3 days !!! Lucky, Mom is home ! and I do serious nap too : )

  4. It's been hot here too, but the air conditioner is on so we are not suffering too much!

  5. We feel very worried for all you kitties in such hot places. We are exhausted here when it gets to 25'C (we don't do fahrenheit here). But you are all looking good with it and we are very pleased to be visiting your blog and getting to know you all !

  6. Sending lots of purrs for rain for you. We sure hope you get some soon. Don't want any of those fires for sure. Hope all of you have a great Tues.Love the pictures.

  7. Purring for rain for you and no fires!

    You look so relaxed in your pictures -- a good way to recover from a holiday! Glad you got some chick-hen.

  8. Wishing you get some rain and less heat!
    ~ Amanda & Tobi

  9. Yep, rain sure would be a good thing to have about now!

  10. We hope it cools down for you and you get some welcome rain.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Hi Precious, Princess and Prancer,
    It looks like you all find a very nice place to chill for a while. When I have the hots I like to stretch out on the hardwood floor too.
    We FINALLY had a nice rain last night after about 2 months of basically none. There have been 3 pretty bad wildfires down east of us.
    I hope and pray you get rain soon
    Hugs Madi

  12. Every cat looks like they are relaxing very confortably.
    The weather has been a big problem lately with rain not going where it is supposed to and other areas have been flooded. Purring for the weather to be straighten out.

  13. R&R is a good thing!