July 11, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday

Get the flashy box away from me now. -Precious

Hello furriends. Precious guest posting here. Prancer's all tuckered out after making biskits on mom's face at 2 a.m. MOL! That kitteh really cracks me up! 

We were saddened to learn about Jack at Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam. Be sure to pop over and give em sum whisker kisses.

You all stay cool and iffen your lookin, i'll be nappin on the cat tree.


  1. We are sad here about Jack too.

    P.S. Prancer certainly earned a rest after such good work!

  2. We read about Jack, too. Lisa gave him such a good life and a gentle departure for the Bridge. We were a little leaky but the Human 'splained it was best for Jack.

    My Human does not like the sound of face-biscuits and she does not want me to get any "ideas."

  3. Thanks for funny reported sweet heart ! Prancer !!!!! How is your mom face ?...MOL, I never do biscuit but I used to wake up her by put my tummy to her face when she can't breath , she have to wake up..HardCore Wake Up !

    What happen with Jack, It's really broke my heart


  4. You're very pretty, Precious!

    We were very sad to hear about Jack too. What a sweetie he was.

  5. nappin is a good idea. we is sad about Jack too

  6. Derry loves getting 2AM cuddles from the mom, can't figure out why the mom is less-than-impressed. :-)

    We read about Jack's passing and have left our purrs....The mom sometimes wonders why life has to be about so much loss....

  7. Good post, Precious. Hope you have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Precious..we didn't know him but we know loss and heartbreak..so we'll head over there.

  9. Yes, that's is so sad, I'm headed over now.

  10. You are most gorgeous, Precious!!!!!!

    We were heartbroken about Jack, and have already been there to give Baby and his mom our condolences.....he will be greatly missed.

  11. Hi Miss Precious! Oh man, that Prancer! Our mom does not like us touching her face at all unless it's with our heads for a headbutt. Claws or paws on the face freak her out! Love the cat tree!

  12. We hear that our new little brother is a champion biscuit-maker!!!

    You're looking lovely. Precious!

    The Chans

  13. We were so sad to hear about Jack as well.
    Prancer you must make great biscuits!

  14. We didn't know Jack, but mama knows how hard it is to lose one of us, so we are heading ofur there now.

    Early morning biscuits -- can't beat em!

  15. Precious,thanks for telling us about Prancer...hahahahahahaha
    We were sorry to hear about Jack too!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia