July 21, 2011

Sunny Side Up

Mom, what are we doing wif that egg?

Yep, it's cooked.
Hello furriends! Here's your Friday Furcast: It's gonna be hot enuff to cook an egg on the sidewalk! Mom wanted efurrybody to see our cooked egg.( We cooked it on the metal electric box in our yard.) It was 106 F here today. No rain in weeks. Burn ban. Next seven days: more triple digits. We need purrayers fur rain, furriends!

Do you like the look of our new blog? We are ofur the moon about it! Kudos to Ann of Zoolatry! She works wonders! Many, many thanks to Ann! I think Maggy and Zoey are pretty cute, too!

We hopes efurrybody has an easy weekend and please remember those who runned off to the bridge this week. Purrs, ya'll


  1. Hi Prancer Pie, We is sorry it has SO much hots all over! One of the best things about where we live is the COOL GRAY FOG!! We wish we could send you some.

    That eggs looks real tasty. Did you get to eat it?

  2. OMC, that's hot! Hey, how about mixing our weather up so we would all be happy. It's 50F and the rain absolutely bucketing down everyday. Our backyard has turned into a swimming pool.

  3. Forgot to add that your header looks great.

  4. We would gladly end you some of the endless rain and cool temps we've been having!

    The Chans

  5. It's SO hot here too!! The local weather guy tried to cook an egg on the sidewalk and it only partially cooked. We're supposed to get thundershowers here today...should make it hot and sticky! Haha!!

    We love love love the new header!!

  6. It's ugly hot here too, guys. We hope we all get a break in the temps soon, because gees, it's not even August and if the hots hang around for the rest of the summer it's going to be miserable.

    A local reporter tried to cook an egg on the sidewalk here too, but gave it only 5 minutes. Guess 5 minutes at 113F wasn't enough. LOL.

  7. Prancer if that sunny side up egg needs a side of grits, Mom said she'd eat it. MOL
    Today and tomorrow will be breaking temp/heat index records here. Mom and Dad are in for the day except checking the mail and they said they'd flip a coin for that task.I live with crazy 2 leggers,
    Hugs Madi

  8. We could do that here in Virginia, too! It is HOT HOT HOT. Good thing we have AC that's running well so far.

  9. YIKES! Now that is HOT. We need rain too, but it looks like the strange winds that gave us a cool spring are defeating the monsoon...we're hoping for a Pacific hurricane to blow us up some moisture.

  10. Our Mom always wondered if someone could really do that. :) Stay cool, furriends. Oh, and we luff the new look!

  11. OMC!!! That is sooo {{{HOT}}}! Today is our hottest day of 101 degrees.....we will purr for you to cool off and get some very needed rain.
    Love your new Blog look........you know there is code to change your background any time you want but you have to have it stored on a site like Flickr, Photobucket or Blingee. =^Y^=

  12. Love the new header! It looks awesome!
    We're having the hots, too - we live kinda by the Island Cats. MOL
    We hope you guys have a great weekend and try to stay cool!

  13. Your header graphic is cool!

    It is hotter where you live than where I live here in south Florida!

  14. Oooooooo!! Nice new header!!!!!!!!!
    Cooking an egg??? Now that is hot!
    Here in Nova Scotia, it is pretty nice. It was warm today, but the nights are cool :) Mom said that by Sunday, we will be back to cooler weather (and rain) Wish we could share our Atlantic breezes :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  15. Prancer! Yup, dats hot! CatDaddy was going to do that wif an egg, but Mumsy stopped him saying she was worried it might trama-tize the birds what she feeds out there. CatDaddy winked at us and said dat means we'll have to wait till Mumsy falls asleep in her comfy chair, which won't be long.

    We wuz the look of your new site! Ann over there at Zoolatry sure does do some fantastic stuff! Yes.

  16. We hope you all are staying cool inside. We are!

    We love your new header!!

  17. That is way too hot. We have been struggling to get to mid 60's but it should be getting warmer next week.We hope it cools down for you and you get some rain soon. We like your new look.