July 7, 2011

No Cryin Over Spilled Sugar

Twofur. Me and Precious.
Hello furriends, Prancer here. Happy Friday! We enjoyed efurryone's comments and "hotter than" sayings yesterday!  Mom says she is so glad this week is over! We gots in a lil trouble earlier today when momma spilled a bag a sugar. She went to get the sucky machine and when she gots back to the sugar sumbody had played in it! MOL!

Here's the Friday Furcast: The next 7 days will be in the triple digits and no rain in sight. Furriends, Oklahoma,  is not the place to be right now. But, it could be worse, did anyone see that dust storm video from Phoenix, Arizona? Skeery.

Remember our furriends that has gone to the bridge this week, big purrs goin out to their loved ones. Purrs, ya'll.


  1. Oh PP!! That weather just sounds so awful! We HATE the hots here. I wish I could bottle up some of our FOG and send it your way!

    Those dust storm pictures were un-be-LEEV-able!

    Stay cool, kittehs!

  2. And I thought it was hot here! You guys have it BAD.

    So tell me, is sugar fun to play in?

  3. Triple digits is far worse than us! Though Monday's humidex temp (meaning how it feels to us, with the humidity factored in) is supposed to be 99F.

    The mom saw a pic of the dust storm on the news up here...said it looked like something you'd see as a special effect in a movie. Un-frickin-believable. VERY scary!

    Have a good weekend, you guys, and definitely stay cool...and out of spilled sugar. LOL.

  4. we can feel your pain about the triple digit heats.....sigh....we've been there, done that, and seem to be doing it again........although this time our actual temps are in the upper 90's, but the "feels like" temps are over a hundred.....mama is wondering if this summer will ever end!!!!!!!!!


  5. sugar? gramma allus sez "like calls to like", so that means youse guys are really sweet!

    we can toadily relate to yer feelin's on hothothot. our poor cool-air blower has been werkin' so hard, we're afurraid it might blow up!! so far today, though, it's only 76 degrees out--mom's lookin' fer a sweater;-)

  6. We hope it cools down for you soon - that is too much heat!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. stay away from mommy! she's addicted to sugar. she will eat you.

  8. Prancer you are already very SWEET, there is no need to play in sugar. We are so sorry to hear your 3H weather is continuing. Central NC has had a front stalled over it most of the week. Lots of spotted and sometimes very vicious t-storms through Saturday. I wish we could share.
    hugs Madi and Mom

  9. heh heh. Good job on whoever played in the sugar!

    We had dust from the storm ALL the way over in Las Vegas! Thank goodness it rained that night. It was terrible!

  10. It's da rules! If summat is spilled, a cat must play in it. We will swap your weather with our chilly, english summer rain if you like :)

    Thank you for your kind words for Whicky. We miss him so much

    Oliver & Gerry
    & The Apes

  11. That is too darn hot! It was really hot here today but it's raining now.

    Way to go whoefur played in the sugar! If it hits the ground, it's fair game!

  12. Oh no, the sugar monster is on the loose again!