August 3, 2011

Bath Time Photos

Between the toesies is impawtant.
Washin my paws like a good boy.
That hard to reach spot!
Ahhh, settlin in fur a snooze.....
MOM! Will you puleez quit taking pikshurs!?! 
More hots, no rain. Purrs, yall.


  1. What a nice cat tower that is!

    When we saw "bath time" we were afraid it might mean real water and a trip to the sink but we're relieved to know it is the traditional cat spit kind!

  2. Prancer! You look so good! We bet after all that washing your are ready for a nap!
    It got to 117F degrees here on the 3rd. We hope you guys are staying cool.

  3. You KNOW she would not like it if you snuck in with a camera while she was taking a shower!

  4. Sigh. Those Humans. NO respect for our privacy at ALL.

    I wish I could learn to use that flashy box. Oh, I could snap some shots that would curl your toes, all right. If only, if ONLY I had thumbs!!

  5. It's exhausting to keep oneself clean...and even more arduous when you have to do it on camera. Really, your human ought to show you some respect and give you privacy!

  6. Yep, more hots, no rain fur sure! Happy bathing!

  7. At least you the the 'bath room' all to yourself! Have a great day.

  8. At least you didn't have to share the bath with your sisfur.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. No privacy!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Prancer
    That was a good baff!
    But you did deserve your privacy!
    (our Mom doesn't give us any either)

  11. My Mom is always stalking me so I have no privacy.
    You do look cute washing your paws.
    We're following you as well.
    xoxo Kassey

  12. You fur babies are so precious as all kitties.

  13. Prancer ignore the flashy box and instead concentrate on your after bath nap you earned it after the excellent way you got bathed yourself.

  14. This is funny. Dark furs = dark cat tree. Fer US, tan furs = tan cat tree. Shouldnt it be the other way around ta show off our colors? MOL!

  15. Bathing will help you feel cooler, too!

  16. Shivers!!! I thought it was the water kind of bath. Thank cod it is the traditional kind.

    To pay back, you can sneak in with a camera when your mom is having a bath. See how she likes it when you post the pics of her bathing.

  17. You did a good job there, Prancer, 'specially between your toesies.