August 14, 2011

Mancat Monday and the Purple Baby

Prancer and his baby.
Prancer bunny-kickin his baby.
Hello furriends, Prancer here! What a great weekend rest!  Being Mancat Monday, I wanted to show efurrybody my purple baby and how manly I look wif it.  It has nip in it! I luv it, lick it, then I fight it! My purple baby is great! It's my very favorite toy. (right now) Of course, I still lufs milk rings! They are my "go to" toys. Always there in a pinch. What about you? What is your favorite toy right now?  Happy Monday efurryone! Purrs, ya'll


  1. Prancer Pie, Can we talk? You know, Bro, I hate to have to say this, but callin' that thing your Purple Baby is really gonna mess with your ManCatly image. It's just a little too close to having a baby dolly. How about calling it the Purple Monster or the Purple Warrior or something? You feel me on this, Man? Good. Give it some thought. Ur pal, Spitty

  2. Hello Prancer, Precious and Princess! We think you guys are smashing and would like to be your friends :) (We found you through Fluffy Tales!) Thanks for the dose of cuteness this Mancat Monday ;)

  3. Morning Prancer,
    OMC that is one nice purple nipfilled toy and most of all purple looks very good with your furs.
    My fav toy is anything on a string but I expecially like 'Da Bird'.
    Hugs Madi

  4. That is a great nippy toy Prancer - give it a real good bunny kick.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Good kickin Prancer! My favorite toy is still my Turbo Track!

  6. We're laughing at Spitty's comment!

    Our mom disagrees, though...Calling it your Purple Baby just shows you have a deeper, more sensitive side. It's not all about caveman tactics and being Alpha. Which you obviously do very well too! :-P

  7. You look so many bunny-kicking that Purple Baby toy. My toy today was a real live mousie!

  8. MOL at Spitty's comment. but we will say this "BUNNY KICK THAT THING!!!!"

  9. Handsome Prancer Pie, enjoy you pretty purple nip toy. Bunny Kick It until nap time.
    xoxo Kassey

  10. Purple rules. Purple covered nip mega-rules. You look totally manly giving your purple baby those bunny kicks. Kick it good!!! hahaha! Purrs, Lautrec (and Tiny, Ellwood and Ginger)

  11. Mom laffed at Spitty's remark. But don't you look VERY manly. NO problem.

  12. We MOL'd at Spitty's comment too! We think you are so secure in your Mancatlyness that you can get away with the Purple Baby!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Maybe it's a Purple Baby MONSTER! Yeah, we're pretty sure that's the story...

    kill kill kill !!!!!!!

  14. Prancer, tell us yer jus messing wif us, you are, aren't you? You sure don't look as though you are treating dat toy like a baby!

    our favorite is cardboard, especially in those cat scratching thingys....we like to rip it out and spread the pieces all around da house.

  15. Prancer carrying toys around and luving it is plently mancatly. And very hearty to withstand all the bunny kicking.

  16. That looks like a fun toy :)
    We love bunny kicking too! Heehee
    My fave toy is a furry mouse with a long tail!
    It is green and white :) I like to hide it under things and make Mom dig them out!! hahahahaha
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  17. OH Prancer
    You are having a great mancat monday!

  18. Prancer, I think you look furry manly bunnykicking your purple baby! Spitty's comment made me MOL though. My fafurite toy right now is my purple milk ring! My mama got the idea to gif it to me from you, so thanks!

  19. Prancer, I am a milk ring freak too!! But my milk ring always ends up under the furniture!!


  20. Oh Prancer that purple toy is beautiful and really goes so nicely with your furs!!! Its nice to have a fav toy to love and beat up!

    Mom immediately went to the goodwill center to try to retrieve any items she could but was informed the items would have been out on the floor within a couple days of reciept. Its a small town. They are truly gone.

  21. We agree with Fuzzy Tails, don't you listen to Spitty. He's probably just wishing he had a Purple Baby of his own, yup :-)

    Our Oliver has a Blue BabyBall he just wuzes.

    We wuz your bunnyfeet kicking - you so cute!
    ...and Mancatly.