August 17, 2011

Hypnotic Thursday

Hypnotic Prancer.
Look into mine eyes, vewy carefully, you will doooo wat i say.....Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat is hafin a commentathon to benefit the Royal Society of Prevention  of Cruelty to Animals in Victoria.  You need to go to their site and leave a comment. Next, go to Helping Our Needy Furiends, where they are hafin an auction to benefit SAS....Sammy, Andy, and Shelley, our furriends who are going thru difficult times. They haf alot  great stuff ofur there and it's alot of fun to bid against efurrybody! Now, onto to mommy, gif me more noms and a great  deal more attenshun. There, that should cover it. Purrs, ya'll.


  1. The Human has agreed we will do the first two. The last one, yer own yer own, buddy!

  2. Good hynotization Prancer! I'z ready to hand over all my Num-Nums in 3.2.1...

  3. We are in your power....we are under Prancer power......

  4. Oh, I already went and commented. And I asked my Facebook page readers to comment too!

  5. I been there and done that : ) Woo Hoo ! .. I hope she got lots of lots of comments !
    Hugs to you to share this news, You done a beautiful thing for cats and dogs in VIC AUSTRALIA
    Thank You

  6. We are going over to Huffle's in a few minutes - we hope all our furrends will go over too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Good morning handsome Prancer have a good day,
    Hugs Madi

  8. We hear and kibble... eat kibble...

    hee-hee! We go check them out, no worry! That's a super picture of you, Prancer.

  9. I feel the pull of those laser eyes and will follow your command Prancer, purr.

  10. Yes Prancer.
    Yes Prancer.
    Yes Prancer....