August 13, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Snoozin away.
Hello furriends! This is an old pic, but clearly shows what is happening this weekend. This is a classic nappin pose. This  is obtained by flopping onto side, curling into fetal position, and placing paw ofur eyes, effectively blocking out all light (or flashy box). For added cuteness, curl toes  and make soft moaning noises. Gets em efurry time. Purrs ya'll.


  1. That is my favourite napping pose too, and what I've been doing all weekend. I hope you've been having good dreams :)

  2. That looks like the most purrfect position for a private nap Prancer. We hope you have a terrific napping day. Take care.

  3. That is the best position to get scritches while you are snoozing. Sweet dreams.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Assume the position!

    Enjoy your nap!

  5. You have it perfected! The curled toes, and soft moany noises - WOW!

  6. Purrfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mom loves it when we do that too :)
    Humans are so easy to please, heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

    PeeEss: We liked Princess's smile yesterday :)

  7. Prancer it is impossible to go wrong with the classics and this classic is the purrfect way to catch an Easy.

  8. Prancer
    You are so cute and that picture is a pure classic.

  9. Ah, the classic "Shrimp" position! Mommy loves to sniff our warm tummies when we do that.

  10. See, now, our mom wouldn't be able to resist sneaking up on you and attacking your tummy with kisses. And boy, wouldn't that ruin an easy Sunday!