August 8, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

Why do birds appear efurrytime you are near?

Just like me,

They long to be,

Close to you!!!
Princess guest posting here, channelling Karen Carpenter's song, "Close To You". That's how I feel bout Mom. She says if I get any closer, i'll be behind her! MOL! I haf to lay on Mom about 5 times a day. If anybody else gets on her, i haf to lay on her as soon as they get up. (to get their smell off and mine back on) Hope efurrybody has a purrfect Tuesday! Smooches.


  1. Those are cute photos of you!

    BTW, we are having a contest where we are giving away a bag of free Innova Natural Pet food. Today is the last day to enter! Good Luck.

  2. Hey that sounds pretty good to me! I'm a self-confessed Mama's boy! Have a great day!

  3. Now you have me singing that song . . .

    Thanks for your kind words on Sweet Praline's blog today. I'm so glad she inspired you to start blogging.

    Mom Paula

  4. Ha ha ha! You made me laugh and laugh ;-)

  5. MOL... You are so sweet , Princess : )
    My mom have to put me on her lap because she know her lap is poor quality..Too small ! Best lap in my house have to be my daddy !

  6. Mom says I'm clingy. Is there a problem with that?

  7. the mom says that if I get any closer to her I will be inside her skin. - Miles

  8. We don't bother mum during the day - not counting the 693 meals we'd like her to give us but as soon as she sits down to read or look at TV we are there like limpets!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Such cool pictures of yous! And me loves that song!
    Me is a Daddy's girl and me has to be with him as much as possible.

  10. Princess
    I am a Momma's girl too. I don't allow any of the other cats to get "close to her" either. (Channeling Karen Carpenter)


  11. That's how I feel about my mama, too! I love these pictures of you!

  12. Awww such a nice thing to tell your momma!
    On the other hand, can you make those birds appear for us....nom!!!

  13. Princess being a purry love bug must be a tortie trait as I love to spend a lot of time with my Mom.

  14. Hi Princess! My brother at the Bridge, Snuggles, was ALWAYS glued to my mom like that! When he passed and my mom came to the shelter to pick out a new cat (ME!), she said she did NOT want a clingy, loud cat. hahahah!! I'm LOUD! And a little clingy. Though I'd rather lay beside her than on her.

    We hope you all got some rain! It was under 100 here today and should be for a few days at least. Our mom was down your direction (maybe?), and she was very sad at how brown it was. Stay cool!

  15. Princess, you are a cutie, all right!