August 15, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday - Miffed

Precious in the kitchen looking miffed.
Precious looking regal and....miffed.

Up close and from the side. Miffed.

Barely concealing it. But, definitedly miffed.
Well, it's Tuxie Tuesday again and you know what that means! (trumpets sounding here) It's me, Precious! The mom has decided that in every single picture of me, i look miffed. If you're confused, let me help you  - miff  (mf)
1. A petulant, bad-tempered mood; a huff.
2. A petty quarrel or argument; a tiff.
tr.v. miffed, miff·ing, miffs
To cause to become offended or annoyed.

Then the mom said sumthing about hitting the nail on the head, whatefur that means. I like that word, Petulant, I think it sounds good with my name. Petulant Precious. What do you guyz think? Kiss, kiss, hug, hug, and all that carp. B-bye.


  1. PET-ulant: I like it. You do have a sort of Queenly disdain,a world-weariness that suits you.

    Can you work on a little wave?

  2. We think you look cute not miffed. Is that better?

  3. Precious miffed looks good on you and in fact I have a similar look mom calls it my Diva look.

  4. Perhaps you always look miffed because the flashy box disturbs you and you are miffed!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xxx

  5. Miffed! Me thinks you really has that look of regal distain that statues of royal lions has!! Good look for yous!

  6. Petulant Precious...Yep, has a nice ring to it. Ha. But we, too, think it's the flashy box. Certainly the camera could put a sour expression on angel Annie's face faster than you could blink. LOL.

  7. I look grouchy when that flashy box comes out. I half close my eyes and looked miffed AND peeved!

  8. ha ha ha! What your Mom doesn't realize is that we Cats have a good reason to be miffed: lack of good service! We'd smile more often given endless tuna and constant attention to our every (and smallest) whims.
    So there.

  9. More often than not, I have that very same look on my face.

  10. Oh dear Precious
    It's that dreaded flashy monster isn't it?
    I know, I understand but when you are as beautiful as you sometimes it pays to "endure" it for a brief moment, it makes them so happy.

  11. Precious being miffed at the flashy beast is normal when it comes I try to engage it in meowing and it ignores me. These things just do not understand.

  12. You do look a little miffed! Are you? Can I help?

  13. Petulant sounds like a great word! And you're looking good, Precious!

  14. Theese one has a good ring to it!

  15. Precious the Petulant - sounds like you are queen of the relm... we like it!

    Have a happy, Queen Precious of Petulant!