August 4, 2011

Friday Furcast

Prancer's expression after the weather came over the wire.
Hello furriends! Prancer Pie here with the Friday Furcast.  Well, kittehz, we haf had 31 consecutive days ofur 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Hardly any rain has fallen. We, in the weddur world call that "trace" rainfall. Our part of Oklahoma falls into the Extreme Drought territory. Now, all around there are fires, too. Please continue to purr fur our release from this weather pattern.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, as Precious was pretty rotten today  and Mom has the pics to prove it!
Also, many of our furriends need our prayers,  Miss Peach and Opus from Cat Naps In Italy sure could use them. Haf a great weekend. Purrs, ya'll.


  1. It IS awful, we had a 1/8" rain yesserday and that was the best in weeks. An over 90 degree days for 3 weeks Records all over the place fer a week or more. The humidity was over 85 all the days. An that was MD!

    We are SO looking forward to September!!!

  2. I'm feel bad that so many of my kitty friends are suffering from such horrible heat waves!

  3. We are purrrrrin' that you get that cooler, wet weather you need so bad.....purrrrrrrrr=^Y^=

  4. We are purring for cooler temps and rain for you, and for all our sick friends.

  5. We're sending our purrs to All Beings who need them.

    We truly hope you get cooler temps and *rain* soon.

  6. It has been awful! We finally gots a little bit of rain here. It was 117 degrees F here Wednesday! We been thinking of you guys over there and hope you staying cool. We gots purrs going for you.

    We will be back to see the rotten Precious! We can't miss that!
    (((Hugs))) kitty-kisses

  7. We think your must be due for a weather change soon - that is too hot. We hope you get some rain soon and cooler temperatures.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Yep, pretty much our reaction too! We're purring for our friends too.

  9. And we were complaining about the heat in New Jersey. Keep cool!

  10. Our Furcast is hot like dat but we did get some rain. Purring for your weather and oir precious fur friends who are so sick right now.


  11. We got family in OK so we are already purring for rain and coolness. Thanks for stopping by to check on Chica.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  12. Prancer, we are very sorry your heat wave hasn't broken. Temps are way better here than a week ago.

    This is especailly hard for kittehs. Hold tight: Fall is coming. Sadly enough, sooner than you want there will be ice storms.

  13. Prancer
    We know that the middle part of the US is really having some awful weather and we read yesterday that the La Nina is going to continue and keep up the drought. We are also experiencing lower than normal rains, although we know one TD or Hurricane will wipe that off the map. We really believe that this year we will have problems with those storms. We got lucky with Emily (the recent one in Carribean). But we will purr for rain for you because we understand how scary those fires are. We had terrible fires here and we know how frightening they are.
    We are purring for all of our unwell furfriends.

  14. We can't even think about the heat like that for so long. Stay cool, kitties.

  15. This is a bad weather record to beat and purring that the LA Nina pattern stops so there can be some relief in the south.