August 1, 2011

Twofur Tuesday

Prancer and Princess waiting to be fed.
Hello furriends, Prancer here! Thanks fur all the great comments on my award! It's so much fun learning things about our furriends.

 Well, kittehz, the hots continue - 108F today! We aren't doin much even tho we haf AC.  We've all lost our steam, including mom.  Purrs, ya'll.

Pee Ess - please remembur the sweet Miss Peach and her family in your purrayers, as she is not doing well.


  1. You are welcome to come and visit me any time. It's winter here in Australia.

  2. OH BAST!!! that's like an oven temperachur!!! keep cool somewhere kitties

  3. Good Morning P and P....
    We are so sorry to hear you are still having the hots. We had a short cold front over the weekend it was only 94 MOL but the hots return for us tomorrow.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Yep, the hots are at it again! We're all purring for sweet Miss Peach.

  5. In 108F weather we'd lose all our steam too! We sincerely hope our weather doesn't get that hot again this summer!

    Stay as cool as you can!

  6. Wow, that is very hot! You must all be parked near the A/C.

    We are also purring for dear Miss Peach.

  7. Mommy (and us) cannot believe how HOT it is...all we do is snooze, we hardly even ate our suppers!

  8. It's 88 degrees here in Florida. Want to teleport down to visit us?

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. P & P
    We are so glad that you do have A/C! Wowie 108 that is awful, we hope it breaks very soon for you. Right now Mom is worrying about TD Emily. Depending on what happens in the next 36 hours or so we may be in the clear. But it looks like it is going to pass by our coastline and depending on the upper level troughs which way it will go.

  10. Sheesh, it is BEYOND hot where you guys are!

  11. These HOTs are relentless and are really crimping the summer style. My Mom has been adding ice into my water bowl and rubbing it to relieve some of it, but it is still it sapping energy.

  12. It's hot here too...well, maybe not as hot as you have it, but it's still hot and we're getting tired of it!! But we hear maybe it will be a little cooler tomorrow. We sure hope so!!

  13. Well, I hope you did not have to wait too long!

    I am sorry but 108 is not meant for living creatures (well, maybe snakes & other reptiles, but certainly not MAMMALS!) I hope you have the good cold blowy boxes.

    Purrs to Miss Peach.